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According to definitions, a Netrepreneur is an entrepreneur that applies innovation to create new businesses on the Internet, or someone who publishes his/her business online. They are often called as internet entrepreneurs, webpreneurs or infopreneurs.

As of today, we believe that there is no exact data that we can search regarding the online sellers and buyers, particularly in the Philippines. What we wanted to share with you is a video presentation of an internet marketing company that we found on Youtube, presenting about internet marketing as a must of today's market in the Philippines. Why should we invest in internet marketing in the Philippines or be Pinoy internet entrepreneurs?

There are many kinds of internet entrepreneurs these days, particularly in the Philippines, where an exploding number of small and big business owners have been turning to the internet to reach new markets. Surely, many can easily make a cost-effective website using open-source solutions and make an income generating online business even stayed at home. Getting a payment processor to handle credit cards on your site might be but more challenging, and thus, we will include this topic for our future posts.